MS Dhoni – Game Changer

MS Dhoni, is the man of billion inspirations! Yes, obviously I’m very proud of saying I’m a mad fan of MS Dhoni.

He took only quarter of the decade to transform from small local boy to Indian sporting icon.

How did he make it? How did he inspire everyone?

Play from heart not head

He is captain coolest. A person leading by example. MS Dhoni is most criticized and applauded for a strategy on the ground. Not everyone wins the game at the last ball, unless he is Ms Dhoni.

He is the best example for man of instincts. He’s always standing out of the crowd. He is best known unorthodox batsman in the world.

The inventor of  helicopter shot .

MS dhoni3_how2impress

MS dhoni3_how2impress

He never compromises from heart to head. What he thinks he never resist to implement without expecting results.
MS Dhoni has left a strong impression that, one should always give importance to the mind rather brain. Be unique in your style, that’s a better way to show who you are. Do follow hunches, respect your inner feeling.

[quote] To be Successful, you have to be different.[/quote]

To be a trend setter

MS dhoni_how2impress

MS dhoni_how2impress


Once you follow your inner voice, uniqueness is yours. MS Dhoni is the first ever captain in the world of open bowling successfully using spin. He is highly unorthodox, agreed! Not every wicket keeper batsman pulls off glows and bowls if needed. Ms Dhoni take a bow!
He’s a trend setter but not only on the game. Hope you guessed correct. Yeah hair style .He is described as a stylish sports icon of India.
MS Dhoni is a trend setter in the minds of the Indians, no doubt in that.


Lead from the front

MS dhoni2_how2impress

MS dhoni2_how2impress


Have you noticed Ms Dhoni posing with any trophies? No. But did he miss any trophies? No . How is this possible for him? This was a quality of a great leader. Ms Dhoni always stand front in difficulties and took a back stand in the celebrations.
The leader is one who never let success get into the head and failures into the heart.

Thought he had all the titles, he’s always humble. That’s the leadership spirit. You must learn from Ms Dhoni.

[quote]For me, opposition is just another opposition-Msd[/quote]

Cool, keep calm

MS dhoni4_how2impress

MS dhoni4_how2impress

[quote] I never allow myself to be pressured-Msd[/quote]

Ms Dhoni Captain COOL .

It’s almost a brand name given to Ms Dhoni. “The famous online quote  is keep calm and believe in Dhoni”. He such calm in high nervous situations.

No shame to admit I’m jealous of his coolness. Opponents never predicted him nor did he never let them. One of the reasons he’s so successful is his coolness. Keep calm and believe in your ability.


Accepting failures

MS dhoni5_how2impress

MS dhoni5_how2impress


He’s one the most influencing sporting icon in the world. He attained more fame and power in a very young age. MS Dhoni has been so humble yet. [quote]He never let success into the brain. Also he never let upsets into the heart[/quote] .

Importantly he will take responsibility for his failures. And he will come back like a king. The ability of Dhoni to protect from external things makes him such a leader. He never felt pressure in the field and never displayed any sad face even in humiliating failures.

Accepting failures are the important quality of Dhoni.

So there’s a million things can be said about Dhoni.

Another important quality and I missed out is the execution.

Knowing awesome qualities of ms Dhoni is great !.

But it takes you to the new level when you implement the qualities of Dhoni.

The above are most notable qualities of Msd . For a more detailed biography refer Wikipedia click here