We are surf internet for a lot of information . Most of us browse webpages on the go .you might want to save webpage as pdf. PDF means portable document file.

You feel quite comfortable if  you can save webpages as its shown on the browser.  you can ” SAVE AS ” in browser is bit clumsy isn’t it ? so here is simple tutorial on converting webpage into pdf.

how to save webpage as pdf  in 5 seconds

step 1 : visit any site you want to save that webpage as pdf ( say how2impress.com )

site looks like this.


homepage of how2impress.com

homepage of how2impress.com


step 2 : Just CTRL +P

And wizard looks like this

save webpage as pdf


step 3: change the Destination to PDF

just here

select save as pdf  in destinations as shown below

save webpage as pdf


Step 4 : click save

save webpage as pdf

That’s all !! You are ready to archieve a lot of  web pages.

Disclaimer : This is about saving web page in google chrome.

For saving webpage as pdf in firefox consider using add-ons.

Few add ons for save webpage as pdf  in mozilla firefox

#1    web2pdf converter

#2    Save as PDF

#3   Print pages to Pdf

#4   PDF Download

#5   PrintPDF

Still doubt about add ons consider reading mozilla support forum

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