Great news for all my lazy fellas. In India opening a bank account in a nationalized bank is a nightmare. The bank employees makes to wait endlessly for hours and finally ask you come another day for opening account. They will ask silly documents like domestic gas bill, mobile bill in addition to mandatory documents. It cost you waste of time and money. So here are simple steps on how to open sbi bank account  in 5 minutes (literally).

What are the documents needed:

The SBI has introduced online SBI bank account opening form to save time, money and paper work. Coming to the point you need to have 3 documents:

  1. Voter identity card
  2. PAN CARD(personal account number)
  3. Ration card

Either two out of three above documents is enough.


  1. NAME  must similar with Voter ID and PAN CARD
  2. ADDRESS must similar with Voter ID and RATION CARD

IF you have above documents perfectly you can do sbi bank account opening in five minutes, so I like to explain the process with a few steps.

SBI bank account opening goes online!


Visit the sbi online account opening form, here below link given: (sorry this link is dead)

updated link

The page looks like

SBI bank account opening in



See Also : How to save webpage as pdf


Fill the sbi bank account opening form online by clicking on fill new customer form


%SBI bank account opening in


Enter the required details for your account:

%SBI bank account opening in


Click proceed after entering details.  In the next window you need to provide NAME PROOF AND ADDRESS PROOF by entering voter ID card number and PAN number.

Then you will receive a sms from SBI which contains TARN number and TCRN number. Note down the TARN and TCRN number.

STEP 5: Print the online application

%SBI bank account opening in

You need to enter your TARN and Date of birth you entered earlier to download the PDF File contains your online SBI savings bank account opening from .

STEP 6: Print the pdf file and visit your nearest SBI bank to open your sbi bank  account. All you need is hand over application form to banker.

Read this must:

  •  This is my personal experience, when I done the above process the bank employees are not familiar with these online registration stuffs.
  • So  after taking out print out of your online application form you will see another TARN number on the top left or top right of your application from.
  • Probably in second page. Since first page is about nominee details.
  • So ask them use the TARN number which is on you’re printed from to get your details on their server.

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